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For example, a number of people, flowers, or things grouped together forms a cluster.

Similarly, a group of independent hardware systems or nodes that is interconnected to provide a single computer source is referred to as a hardware cluster.

The file "coraenv" already exists in /usr/local/bin. Now product-specific root actions will be performed.

Entries will be added to the /etc/oratab file as needed by Database Configuration Assistant when a database is created Finished running generic part of script.

Unlike with flowers and other objects, if one node in a cluster fails, its workload is automatically distributed among the surviving nodes.

This process of automatically distributing the workload to other available nodes reduces the downtime of the entire system.

Name Type Target State Host ------------------------------------------------------------ ora.... ora...type ONLINE ONLINE xun1 type ONLINE ONLINE xun1 type ONLINE ONLINE xun1 type OFFLINE OFFLINE ora...type ONLINE ONLINE xun1 ora.oc4j ora.oc4OFFLINE OFFLINE type ONLINE ONLINE xun1 ora...acfs ora...type ONLINE ONLINE xun1 ora.scan1ora...type ONLINE ONLINE xun1 ora....

SM1application ONLINE ONLINE xun1 ora.xun1application OFFLINE OFFLINE ora.xun1application ONLINE ONLINE xun1 ora.xun1ora....t1ONLINE ONLINE xun1 ora....

If they are not working then there is problem in network connection between cluster nodes. But if Ping and SSH did work between nodes via interconnect interface and still ocssd log did complain about interconnect Heart Beat (no network HB) then interconnect interface is jammed. It is usually the working node interconnect interface that is needed to restart (like error message is saying in (it is complaining node1)).2014-07-05 .779: [ CTSS][2988825488]ctsselect_mmg4: Successfully registered with [C TSSMASTER] 2014-07-05 .779: [ CTSS][2988825488]ctsselect_mmg6: Receive reconfig event.Inc num [2] New master [2] members count[1] 2014-07-05 .780: [ CTSS][2988825488]ctsselect_mmg8: Host [xun1] Node num [1] is the master 2014-07-05 .781: [ CTSS][2988825488]ctsselect_sm2: Node [1] is the CTSS master 2014-07-05 .782: [ CTSS][2988825488]ctssslave_meh1: Master private node name [xun1] 2014-07-05 .782: [ CTSS][2988825488]ctssslave_msh: Connect String is (ADDRESS=(PROT OCOL=tcp)(HOST=xun1)(PORT=53367)) [ clsdmt][2978335632]Listening to (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=ipc)(KEY=xun2DBG_CTSSD)) 2014-07-05 .783: [ clsdmt][2978335632]PID for the Process [24020], connkey 11 2014-07-05 .783: [ CTSS][2988825488]ctssslave_msh: Forming connection with CTSS mas ter node [1] 2014-07-05 .784: [ clsdmt][2978335632]Creating PID [24020] file for home /u01/11.2.0/ grid host xun2 bin ctss to /u01/11.2.0/grid/ctss/init/ 2014-07-05 .786: [ clsdmt][2978335632]Writing PID [24020] to the file [/u01/11.2.0/gr id/ctss/init/] 2014-07-05 .786: [ CTSS][2988825488]ctssslave_msh: Successfully connected to master [1] 2014-07-05 .827: [ CTSS][2988825488]ctssslave_swm: The magnitude [228530967053 usec ] of the offset [-228530967053 usec] is larger than [86400000000 usec] sec which is the CTSS l imit.2014-07-07 .333: [ CTSS][2988768144]ctsselect_mmg4: Successfully registered with [C TSSMASTER] 2014-07-07 .333: [ CTSS][2988768144]ctsselect_mmg6: Receive reconfig event.Inc num [12] New master [2] members count[1] 2014-07-07 .334: [ CTSS][2988768144]ctsselect_mmg8: Host [xun1] Node num [1] is the master 2014-07-07 .349: [ CTSS][2999258000]ctssslave_swm19: The offset is [160 usec] and s ync interval set to [1] 2014-07-07 .349: [ CTSS][2999258000]ctssslave_sync_with_master: Received from maste r (mode [0x4c] nodenum [1] hostname [xun1] ) 2014-07-07 .349: [ CTSS][2999258000]ctsselect_msm: Sync interval returned in [1] 2014-07-07 .351: [ CTSS][2999258000]ctsselect_msm: CTSS mode is [44] 2014-07-07 .352: [ CTSS][2999258000]ctssslave_swm: Clock delay too small [31] usec to sync.

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2014-07-05 .582: [ CTSS][2988825488]CTSS daemon aborting调整node2的时间:[[email protected] ctssd]# man date DATE(1) User Commands DATE(1)NAME date - print or set the system date and time SYNOPSIS date [OPTION]...

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