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I learned many things both in and out of the classroom. I'm an 18-year-old senior from North Houston Baptist School in Houston, TX.I discovered your page about BJU while browsing through Yahoo one day.Following my acceptance, I did receive a letter from them stating a few rules I should be aware of, including the fact that they recognize 3 main races: black, Caucasian, and oriental.So I am left to wonder, and maybe you can clarify this for me, does this mean that Caucasians are allowed to date Mexicans, for example? The Bible very very obviously sets them apart as a special race.I really enjoy your page since I will be a freshman at BJU next year, and my church puts quite a heavy emphasis on the university.I just got finished reading your section on interracial dating, and I must say, somebody just needs to tell Bob Jones III, "What's the big deal?Praise the Lord that they have not veered from the straight and narrow.

Both my husband and I attended Bob Jones University and loved every minute of it.

They have very high academic standards, and that is why people go to college.

I chose to go to BJU and could easily live with the rules.

After all, if we supposedly are meant to stick to our own cultures and languages, how can they endorse learning other languages? And what are these principles of the Bible that supposedly point to the idea that interracial marriage is wrong?

Since I've never been at the school for more than one week at a time, I'm not too clear on the rules concerning interracial dating.

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